Education Seminars

2009 Wine in the Woods

Maryland Wine Education Seminars presented by the Tasters Guild International

Tasters GuildWhat is the Tasters Guild? The Tasters Guild is a nationwide society of wine and food enthusiasts. They share a common interest through a wide variety of educational and social activities. Their quest is to educate consumers and spread the word of responsible wine and food consumption and they have fun doing it.

For more information about the Central Maryland chapter of the Tasters Guild, please visit their website at

Maryland Wineries Association

Maryland WineTo learn more about the rich history of Maryland wine, wine making, and current wine events, please visit the Maryland Winery Association website

Wine Tasting 101

  • See - Hold the glass up at a slight angle and observe the wine’s brilliance and color.
  • Swirl - Hold the base firmly on the table and give it a good swirl. This gets oxygen to the wine and helps it to “open up.”
  • Smell - You’re checking to make sure the wine has not “turned” or been stored improperly. Smell for odors reminiscent of musty cardboard or vinegar, which means the wine is flawed and should be replaced. Don’t send back a wine just because you don’t like it. If the wine smells off to you, have your server smell it and they should happily replace it - but generally the wine will be just fine.
  • Sip - Take a sip and enjoy!

Wines for each session

Wine Education Seminars at Wine in the WoodsPlease note that wines may change prior to the festival for a variety of reasons.

See the event staff in the seminar tent at the start of each session for the latest listing.

Show me the wines!


Schedule for Wine Education Seminars

Wine Education Seminars at Wine in the WoodsSeating is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. The seminars are a part of your admission fee.

Presenters: Dana Johnson, Yogi Barrett, Paul Bresson and Larry Elletson of the Tasters Guild Wine Education & Appreciation Society.

Noon - Wine Tasting 101

  • Learn the basics of how to evaluate and appreciate wine, which wines to enjoy when, how to cellar your wine, how to preserve your wine and a wealth of other information.

1 PM - Maryland White Wines

  • Learn the nuances of white wine, come to understand appropriate foods and events to enjoy white wine, proper serving temperature, learn the time frame most white wines should be consumed plus an array of other information relating to white wines.

2 PM - Maryland Red Wines

  • Learn how best to cellar your red wines, food selections to go with certain varietals of red wines, proper room temperature for serving red wine, why red wines are more age-worthy than white wines and much, much more.

3 PM - Maryland Sweet and Dessert Wines

  • During our final seminar we show you the difference of a sweet wine compared to a dessert wine, how sweet wines can be enjoyed and with what foods and how dessert wine fits into your meal planning. So come enjoy the “stickies,” as our Aussie cousins refer to them.

Saturday Noon: Wine Tasting 101

  • Elk Run Vineyards - Sparkling Blanc de Blancs
  • Cygnus Wine Cellars - Dry Rose
  • Layton’s Chance - Vidal Blanc
  • Dragonfly Winery - Song of the Dragonfly (Syrah)
  • Olney Winery - Heaven on Ice

Saturday 1 PM: White Wines

  • Big Cork Vineyards - Viognier
  • Fiore Winery - Pinot Grigio
  • Bordeleau Vineyard and Winery - Barrell Fermented Chardonnay
  • Linganore Wine Cellars - Terrapin White
  • St. Michael’s Winery - Golly Wobbler White

Saturday 2 PM: Red Wines

  • Knob Hall Winery - N39 (CHM/MRL/CAF)
  • Orchid Cellars - Jezebel (65MRL/35PTV)
  • Basignani Winery - Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Boordy Vineyards - Cabernet Franc
  • Fiore Winery - Chambourcin

Saturday 3 PM: Dessert Wines

  • Basignani Winery - Riesling
  • Boordy Vineyards - Tango Peach
  • Great Shoales Winery - Sparkling Vidal
  • Berrywine Plantations - Raspberry
  • Running Hare Vineyards - Chambourcin Dessert

Sunday Noon: Wine Tasting 101

  • Bordeleau Vineyard and Winery - Sparkling Blanc de Blancs
  • Royal Rabbit Vineyards - Albarino
  • Basignani Winery - Seyval Montbray Vineyards
  • Fiore Winery - Zinnavo
  • Great Frogs - Meritage Limited Reserve

Sunday 1 PM: White Wines

  • Port of Leonardtown - Albarino
  • Boordy Vineyards - Pinot Grigio
  • Great Frogs Winery - Chardonnay
  • Royal Rabbit Vineyards - La Marquise (Marsanne)
  • Harford Vineyard and Winery - Traminette

Sunday 2 PM: Red Wines

  • Cove Point Winery - Barbera
  • Friday’s Creek Winery - Syrah
  • Red Heifer Vineyards - Red Heifer Red (CAF)
  • Dejon Winery - Dragon Fly (CAB/CAF/CHM)
  • Cygnus Wine Cellars - Cabernet Sauvignon

Sunday 3 PM: Dessert Wines

  • The Urban Winery - Green Apple Riesling
  • Solomon’s Island Winery - Riesling Ice Wine
  • Turkey Point Vineyard - Late Harvest Vidal
  • Elk Run Vineyards - Sweet Catherine
  • Far Eastern Shore Winery - Swans Dream (Port Style)

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