Event Poster

Artist: Daoud Salam (posters are available for purchase at the Wine Merchandise tent)

















Daoud Salam

Daoud Salam is the Art Director for Howard County Recreation & Parks and owner of Salam Designs, Inc. He start a small design studio. With the mission to create highly conceptual visual communications using fine art and modern techniques, Salam Designs, Inc. has been a successful, growing company for 10 years. Initially, working primarily in the watersport commercial retail sector, Daoud created many top selling product designs for companies such as HydroSlide and Body Glove. He also has a multitude of clients for which he creates logos, posters, packaging, postcards, brand identities, signage, and much more. Currently, Daoud appreciates giving back to the community and society through his work with Howard County Recreation & Parks. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Photography from Towson University. After 3 years in the corporate world, at the age of 25, he ventured out on his own to start Salam Designs.

Daoud is married to Kelly Salam, whom he met while studying at Towson University. Together, they have 2 daughters, Layla (6) and Norah (4). They currently reside in Carroll County with their Boston Terrier, Maya.