The GirlsHi , this year will be the 10th year for our group at the festival. We love to come enjoy the music, vendors, and food.The Girls Last year was a great year beautiful weather but rain or shine we are there, one year we were soaked to the bone and one year we hung out with the locust and regardless we always have a great time. We await May 19 and 20th with much anticipation. Can’t wait to come out and join the fun. The Girls

Ryan & The GuysI  just wanted to let you know what a great event that “Wine in the Woods” has been over the past few years. A small group of us went a few years back, and have been coming ever since, with a larger group every year…  Each year, we have been bringing more and more of our friends and co-workers to experience all the vendors, foods, entertainment, and just the overall environment.  We are looking forward to this years event again, since we have been bragging to most of our friends to come along to experience the event.  I wanted to attach a picture of us from last year at the festival, it might look good on your web page, if you are interested!!!  Keep up the good work….Best of luck again this year, and looking forward to May 19th and 20th!
Ryan & The GangI like the wristband idea better.  I feel like I kept fumbling around for my little tickets for every vendor.  Wristbands will make things flow a little easier I feel.  I think we recruited about 15 more of our friends for this year, because they saw most of our pictures and heard our stories from last year,so they all want to attend this year. We are looking forward to it, pray for nice warm weather like last year!!

AnaI have been going to the Wine in the Woods since the beginning(rain or shine, cold or hot), every year better then the last.  This year will be very special as it will be my one year anniversary with my boyfriend who I met while leaving the Wine Festival last year. It was the one time I was not disappointed in sitting in traffic to leave. A couple girlfriends and I were merging into traffic while leaving the festival when I looked over and saw a very cute guy waiting to pull in behind us, I commented to my friends how cute he was and before I knew it one of the girls in the car jumped out and ran back to his car with my phone number, told him to call right then, he did and the rest is history!!!  So, I not only thank you for the good food, good music, and wonderful wine the festival has to offer every year - I also thank you for the wonderful memory of meeting the one I love. Ana

Michelle & The LadiesThe GuysThis festival has become an event every year for our friends. We organize a large picnic and always have a great time.  Our group is up to about 20 people now.  When we first went 3 years ago we only had 5.  The numbers speak for themselves! Michelle

Dee & Linda dancingGood day!  I have been coming to Wine In The Woods since day one.  Every year, I get a group of people together to come and enjoy the wine, the food, the music, the arts.  The bands have always been excellent.  A friend of mine, Linda and her husband Manny have been regulars since 2001.  The attached photo was taken by the Washington Post in 2005 when Linda  and I danced to the Crawdaddies.  It is always a fantastic time to get together with friends, family, neighbors.  A wonderful thing is that we usually run into old friends and neighbors that have moved to another part of Columbia that we haven’t seen in a while.  To leave behind the work week, to relax and enjoy the day is just what all of us need.  Can’t wait until the 19th! Dee

Lena and the GirlsMy girlfriends and I try to go to this event as often as we can, though many of us have now moved away from the area — to North Carolina and Florida. We still look back fondly on the event and the great wine! There is nothing better than a blanket, a bottle of wine and some great company! We look forward to reuniting with on another as often as possible at Wine in the Woods! I think the event reminds us of what there is to love about Columbia and Maryland. Great May weather (we hope!), tasty wine, great music and fantastic people. Lena

Mandy & The GangThis past year in 2007 was my first year at Wine in the Woods.  The rest of the gang had been before.  Interestingly enough, it seems it is always my birthday weekend.  Looks like another fabulous birthday outing this coming year.  I cant wait! As you can see we fully enjoyed ourselves in 07. Mandy

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